Do you want to share with other veterans and community members the benefits our post provides to fellow veterans and the community at large? Do you find yourself unsure what to say?
Here are two elevator pitches, one for potential members of our post, the other for residents who just want to know more about us:
For Potential Members 
"Our post brings together veterans with a shared background of service to the United States looking for camaraderie and a chance to be involved in our local community. We pool our resources, time, money, and talent, to improve the lives of veterans in our community while enjoying each others' company. Even if you aren't interested in being directly involved in the activities we organize, your membership helps fund charitable activities directed at veterans in need in our community."
For Interested Citizens
"As a group of veterans with a shared background of service, we join together in camaraderie to serve our community. While we are focused on finding and helping veterans in our community, we also serve the community at large through volunteer efforts in the community and in collaboration with other community organizations."