There are 3 levels of membership in the post: Annual, Life, and Legacy Life.
  • Annual membership is $45 per year, due on the anniversary of your membership. Pay your membership fee to the Post Quartermaster. A portion of your membership fee stays with our post, and the rest of the fee goes to VFW Department of Washington and VFW National
  • Life membership price is dependent on your age in the year you choose to become a life member. A table of life membership prices is listed on our Membership Application. Once payment is complete, life members are, as the name suggests, paid for life. Every year, our post receives a payment from VFW National for each life member in the post. 
  • Legacy Life Membership consists of 3 levels - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level costs $400, payable as a lump sum or $100/quarter. Please look over the Legacy Life Membership brochure for details on how Legacy Life membership benefits you and the post. Current life members can apply for Legacy Life membership through the VFW Online Membership System.

The 2023-24 theme is: "What Are the Greatest Attributes of Our Democracy?"
Please review the VFW Youth Scholarships webpage for more information. All submissions are due to Young-McCool Post 12220 by midnight, October 31st. 

The 2023-24 theme is: "How Are You Inspired by America?"
Please review the VFW Youth Scholarships webpage for more information. Entries are due to Young-McCool Post 12220 by midnight, October 31st of each year.

Our post has a volunteer Service Officer who can put you in contact with an accredited Veterans Service Officer. Our Post Service Officer serves as a convenient, local point of contact for you to facilitate your claims process. If you need assistance, please email vfw12220@gmail.com to request our help.

The theme for 2023-2024 is: "What does the word "Veteran” mean to you?”
Entries are due to Young-McCool Post 12220 by midnight on October 31st of each year. 

Here is how it will work - Current members can purchase raffle tickets at $20 per ticket. Every time the post sells 40 tickets ($800), a single ticket will be drawn. The winner receives either life membership plus cash or, if already a life member, receives one Legacy Life Membership level (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

Since Life Membership price varies by age, if the value of your life membership is less than $400 (the price of a single Legacy Life Membership level), a member who wins a life membership will also receive a cash prize of $400 minus the price of the Life Membership.
If the winner is already a life member, the winner will receive a single level of a Legacy Life Membership in the post. 

After the drawing, all remaining raffle tickets will be discarded and the raffle will begin anew.

All members of the post are eligible to purchase raffle tickets until/unless the member is already a Gold Legacy Life Member (no one is right now). Raffle tickets can be purchased in person from me. You can also send me the money via Venmo (@Young-McCool-VFW-Commander) or PayPal (@robertsteele1708). If you send money that way, please add a note that the money is for a raffle ticket, and (for PayPal) mark as Friends and Family (to avoid the PayPal fee).